2015 Dodge Journey Ball Joint Adventure! (Never buy from CarParts.com)

One of my not so fun tasks this vacation was to tackle my Journey's front suspension issue. I didn't know what was going on, but ended up being the main cause of my noise in the front end was a bad Left side Ball Joint. I was ready for this! I had already purchased all of the components for the front suspension as I wanted to replace it all anyhow.

Memorial Day: Louis Scalzo

Louis Scalzo was slain April 20th 1963 in the backyard of his home - which is now my home - in North Tonawanda. His energy and memory still exists here, and the peaceful glow of such a good man slain far too early in life.

North Korea Marching to You Dropped The Bomb On Me!

I love it!

I also found this documentary interesting.


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