The Panic!

Some observations:

Toilet Paper Farse!

With the panic caused by the media about the coronavirus, largely over-hyped, as usual. One of the biggest panics I have seen so far, is a rumor that toilet paper is manufactured in China, and thus supplies will run out.

What a load of crap!

Firstly, In my own assessment, to make it worth while to ship toilet paper, it would have to be dense and cheap. Not fluffy, multi ply stuff we have come to expect for our soft American butts. Where I live, in New York, I know of a few manufactures that produce toilet paper.

Railway Cars: Boxcars

Boxcars were once as ubiquitious as Well Cars hauling containers are today. Most items on a train were hauled on a boxcar. Even bulk grain! Today, shipping containers have taken over many of the roles that boxcars used to be commonly used for. Gone are the days of a 40ft long, wooden boxcar, which was the old standard back in the heyday of rail. Back then, you would see all train cars had walkways on the roof, in order to allow brakemen to walk along the top of the train, and apply the handbrakes on cars as needed.


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