Science. It is a word that is in great use the past several years. It seems like almost half my lifetime, I have been bombarded with the word Science to explain or push a belief system on me.

Belief system? But it is science? It isn't a belief. It is true. It is fact!

Is it?

See the early field of science was all about proving ones work, and being open to critique. Science goes back many hundreds of years, and it's study used to be very structured.


Bridges. They carry us across divides. They make it easier to travel. And once they are there, life seems so much more difficult without them.

Recently I was in Conneaut, Ohio and stumbled upon a covered bridge not too far off the Interstate. Middle Road Covered Bridge is a wonderful little bridge.

My next visit to the Conneaut area, I made sure to work a little tour of the bridges in, with my friend.

Cards and Kidney

I was surprised to encounter some aches and pains as of late. I suspect they relate to a kidney stone, but am not 100% sure. I guess I am getting old.


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