No Agenda Reminder

No Agenda is a show I have supported in the past, and shall continue to support in the future. It is a great media analysis podcast that has been going strong for over 12 years now.


My journey down NY-60 took me from Dunkirk, NY near the shores of Lake Erie, to US-62 South of Jamestown, NY.


Welcome to one of Roadwolf's WNY highway journeys. I began my journey down NY-63 from NY-18 near Lake Ontario. Come along with me for the ride. Share the locations, and read about some stories of cool places to check out along the way.

I absolutely adore the Amish countryside in Western New York, and for that matter all through PA, and even into Ohio. I will say, those Amish ladies are attractive in their own way. But I also do like and respect the whole Amish lifestyle and culture.


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