Masks vs No Masks

It seems very clear to me that there are opposing forces at work here. The visible signs of a cultures background, belief system, and political viewpoints can be summed up with a simple observation. Do they have a mask, or not?

This is for sure beginning to divide the nation, and the world.

The World War of the Masks may be upon us.

First Orienteering Adventure

I have always loved maps! Maps. Traveling. Finding my way around. I was never one of those people who relies on a GPS. Yeah GPS is cool and all. I remember as a 12 year old, one of the 'toys' I had was a handheld GPS unit that my dad got me. Very cool! I spent many hours marking shallow rocks out in the boat in Stoney Lake, and recording my journeys on my bicycle, chasing fire trucks. Not only did I mark those rocks, but I had also purchased nautical charts and compared the rocks I found with what was on the chart!

Anyhow. Yes, I love maps! I am nerdy like that.

Digital Privacy: Amazon Sidewalk

This MalwareBytes article is a great reason why not to have devices in your house that are controlled by big data.


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