There are some serious flaws in our medical system right now. For context, I wasn't feeling super great yesterday. At first I figured it was the weather - the dampness making me sore and achey. No, as I was getting ready for bed, it had developed quickly into a splitting headache, chills and fever, and an upset tummy. Instantly, once I got the upset tummy, I was like. FLU!

Buffalo EMS - Short Staffed!

So today I heard a call which drew my attention. A City of Mount Hope, Fire Rescue ambulance (Possibly from Mount Hope, West Virginia?), serving a call in Buffalo, NY. Curious I thought. So I began listening to the Buffalo Fire ADI channel (424.37500 MHz), something I haven't done in quite some time. Indeed many of the calls I was hearing were to well known addresses. The regulars.

Current Game Servers!

Winter is here. Since I don't watch TV, I tend to keep my mind occupied with games when I am not working or finding adventures in real life.

Currently there are 3 games I rotate between. Valheim, Space Engineers, and now Minecraft Tekkit (Tekkit Classic 2.0 pack).

Valheim and Space Engineers are available on Steam. Steam is a great portal for gaming. The Server IP's for each respectively are (Valheim) and (Space Engineers). Valheim has a password, and I will gladly give it out to friends.


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