Cold as Ice

I am sitting here, in my car, waiting to clock in at work. One of Buffalo's ice breaker boats docked nearby within view, sitting quietly in the frozen Buffalo River. As it often does. It is also snowing, with a light, gentle snow this morning. No one here is freaking out at all. Actually, the highways were moving well today, even with the snow falling. Traffic was moving at 70+ mph on a 55 mph highway.

Here in the North, we are tough and can handle the heat...., and the cold very well. And generally when shit gets very bad we can clean it up quick.

February 2021: Paths

Ahead of me are several diverging paths. I am not embarrassed to admit, that I don't always know which path is the best to take. We are all human, and we all make mistakes. But our choices are all half chance. It could be for better or worse.

The Link between The Book of Mary, The Mormans, The Templars and New York

Zena Halpern's book "The Templar Mission to Oak Island and Beyond" is a great read, exploring evidence of a 12th Century AD Voyage by the Knights Templar, across the Atlantic, to Oak Island, and beyond to Hunter Mountain, NY. The primary evidence for the book was a 12th century document, obtained from the Vatican, entitled "A Year We Remember" (Onteora Document).


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