Medina Railroad Museum

A few weeks ago I went to the Medina Railroad Museum. What a great experience. This Museum isn't just about Train's either. It is a collection from Martin C. Phelps, a retired Batavia Fire Fighter who sadly passed away in 2017. Fire fighting, Military and Train collections are all included in the Museum. But I would say the shining attraction is the huge model railroad.


A chapter of my life has just ended. Sable has headed back to Texas. I am now, for the first time ever, fully alone, and independent. And I am feeling okay about it. Yesterday I began going thru the kitchen, figuring out my meal plan for the next few days. I did some cleaning, and it felt great.

Urban Planning

I recently read an article on Buffalo News... Why, I have no clue, as the news paper is not known to be very informative. NFTA bus plan is trying to reinvent yesterday written by James E. Carr. The text, quoted for reference is located here: JamesCarr.png.


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