Zoar Valley, First Trip

Well just testing out this new blog thing :P

This Weekend Nightbird and I went to Zoar Valley

Zoar Valley

WNY Volunteer Groups

Well, I used to work in a volunteer emergency response team back up in Canada. I would love to start working again in the volunteer sector down here in the states now...

but I have encountered a few issues.

For one, a lot of volunteer services wont accept non American citizens. which is very silly. I have a genuine desire to help and assist. I don't really think nationality has anything to do with it.

A Raiders Life

My good friend, Dasinia (his toons name), has recently given up on WoW. Previously he was a very hardcore raider, he was running BT, and Hyjal when he quit. I figured I would ask him a few questions to catch a glimpse of what the raiding life, really has to offer.

Roadwolf: How long have you been playing WoW?

Dasinia: I have been playing since mid 2005

Roadwolf: What motivated you to raid in the first place?


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