RF Sites: Safety

I wanted to take the time to discuss the topic of RF safety. Specifically in regards to transmission facility sites. First of all, I want to point out that, no... RF from normal radio frequencies will not give you cancer. However there are other health effects which various frequencies and power levels, can cause in humans. Such effects are Body Heating, and RF Burns and Shocks. These 2 issues are instant effects which have never been disputed.

A Break from WoW

As you may have guessed from some of my posts, I do play WoW from time to time.  Infact for 2 years I played it non stop, almost every day.  Granted, I never really took the game seriously.  I usually just stood around and chatted with friends.  Anyhow, I have been running a Guild (a large team of players) on WoW for about 3 years now.

Recently I decided that I was getting tired of sitting at a computer, looking outside and wishing i as outside enjoying the weather...  So I decided to give WoW a break, and get out there and enjoy the weather and maybe try to get back in shape.

My First HF Rig!!!

Well I finally purchased an HF Radio. I bought a brand new Yaesu FT-857D multi-band radio. I have yet to really program it all up. I really should do that soon. However I have been trying to hear some Numbers Stations. I have had very little luck finding any voice Numbers Stations, however I believe I heard some RTTY or PSK stations, and I also heard a morse beacon station which I was able to track down as a Russian Navy marker beacon.


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