Views on the Justice System

I was recently asked what my views are on the Justice System. A good question if you want to really get to know someone.

A little background about me. I have volunteered and worked alongside the Police and other emergency services a lot. I have worked and lived in very rough and underprivileged areas. And I, like everyone else, am not a perfect person.

Two Buffalo Gals Go Round The Outside

I was busy trying to search for a Buffalo pianist who did a music video a few years back in Buffalo, NY. I think she also plays the Violin? I am not too sure. But I recall the video showing her playing outside Main Place Tower, and a few other locations around Buffalo, including Illos Piano Store up at Hertel and Main.

Volunteering/Emergency Response: Current Status: 2021

Many years have gone by since I really wrote about Emergency Response stuff on here. Most of these posts were written before I became employed where I am now.


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