An Engineer in a Throw-away Society

Engineering, a formerly respected profession, has seemingly been changed into a extinct profession in most cases.  I was a 'Radio Broadcast Engineer'...  Well, technically I was a technician.  But the Radio Industry considers both to be the same title.  My job was to ensure the Radio Station ran correctly; All components were in working order, and if need be, to replace defective units with working ones.  I also did get to do some design work, but it was rare.

Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword

I recently purchased Civ 4 BTS. I have to say I am quite impressed by the additions to Civ 4 in this expansion. Civ 4 has always been a strong title in the gaming world. BTS adds some realism that Civ was lacking, and makes for a more interesting gaming experience. If you like Strat games of any kind you should surely try Civ4: BTS.

SimTower: Review, 'Cheats' and Guide

Ah yes, an old classic. SimTower was released in 1994. Yet it is still a very viable and entertaining game.

The basic premise of the game is to construct a 5 star tower. To do this you have to build many different services and various types of commercial and residential spaces in your building. And you have to interconnect these services and spaces with a maze of elevators, stairs and escalators. All while keeping everyone happy, and maintaining a profit.

Each star rating you achieve, allows you to construct more items for your tower.

1 Star:


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