Supreme Ruler 2020

While I was a huge fan of Supreme Ruler 2010, I had doubts about Supreme Ruler 2020 from long before its release date.  Supreme Ruler 2010 was a fun game which you could act as a leader of a country and literally take over the world, using very realistic economic, political and military tools.  In SR2010 you could, with some work, sit down at your computer, and take over the world in one 8 to 10 hour sitting if you know what you are doing.  Surely there was some major bugs.  The most annoying of which seemed to be related to unit movement.

State Parks

I recently went on a scouting trip to find and scout out a fairly large and well praised state park.  The state park was said by many to be 'roughing it'.  After a long drive through a lot of native reserves and run down towns, I finally arrived at the state park.  The entrance road was not well kept,  large pot holes and a rusting guard rail led me up to the gatehouse.  The 16 year old (or there abouts) 'gate keeper' at the gate house gladly took my 15 dollars for a day pass, however could not offer any advice on where to go in the park to see good camp grounds.  She also neglected to give


I have been spending a lot of time working on a Trainz route recently.  Trainz is a Railway simulator program which is very realistic and fairly easy to build prototypical routes with.  In the past I have attempted to create the CP Mainline from Vancouver to Edmonton, but I gave up half way...  (i hadn't even put any scenery in so it wasnt a big loss).  Now that I have taught myself quite a bit more about the program, I have decided to try to make another large route.  It will be a mountain pass similar to the Calgary / Edmonton corridor, but it will likely be shorter.


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