Urbex: Buffalo Memorial Auditorium

It all started on a cold night in late February. Myself and a friend had decided to scout out the Buffalo Aud. A location which had since been locked away from the Urban Exploration world. We walked around the Aud and sure enough we found a metal grate in the sidewalk which could easily be opened, and led directly to the basement of the Aud. No sooner then we had found that, then we were inside. Traversing thru the flooded basement was kind of a strange feeling. The Ice was at least 3 feet above the real floor level. And not to mention we were in a electrical room.

July 3rd, 2006 - Algonquin Canada Day

On the Canada Day weekend in 2006, Myself and a few friends went to Algonquin Park to relax and do some simple site camping. Our site was fairly secluded, and had a lot of high trees which we used to hang an antenna. We set up a ham radio and did some DXing.


July 18th, 2006 - The Journey Begins

Well gee.. I quit work today. wow. I have never done anything so life changing.. in my life! But I am following my heart... I feel good, and I feel secure about what my future holds for me.


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