Tonawanda Coal Generating Station

I happen to live only a few blocks away from one of the nations worst polluting coal power plants. I have always been a fan of Nuclear energy, but after taking the time to read through the list of toxins generated at said plant, I am now even more pro Nuclear. I was bored and looking up some general information about the plant, because I didn't know much about it. Well, turns out that of 30 power plants in this list, this plant next door was the worst.

Why does thunder seem to rumble on for a long time after a lightning strike?

The rolling sounds of thunder are some of the most amazing sounds nature produces.  But how do they get that rolling sound?  Well it all has to do with the speed of sound.  The speed of sound in air is about 770 mph, or 1129 ft/s.  This is a variable speed, based on perfect atmospheric conditions.  Of course in a thunder storm, conditions aren't perfect...

June 14th Weekend

This weekend my friend Exkalibur visited me in Buffalo, NY.  Exkalibur is a fellow Emergency Service 'whacker' like myself, and also a train 'foamer'.  We had hoped to see some good structure fires this weekend, and generally have fun driving around the Buffalo area calling in suspicious people, and helping out the police whenever possible, without getting in their way.


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