Model Railroad Operation: TAC system

I have been thinking a lot about my SVNO and Model Railroad plans as of late.

It seems that the most common way for model railroaders to 'operate' their model railroads these days, is to utilize a 'car card' system. This is a system which closely follows prototypical operations, and includes cargo type, and equipment cards, for each rail car on the layout. As well as waybills listing where the car came from, and where it is going. Very detailed, yes.

Paranormal Stuff

Monday, October 29th 2018:

I have always approached the subject of paranormal activity with a skeptical, but still slightly open mind. I have had unexplainable things happen to me, which I instantly just 'knew' they were ghostly, or otherworldly. But I also have a very technical side to me, and I try to explain events away in a technical manner. Sometimes I haven't been able to come up with a logical explaination. But that is rare.

My Kitten: Sable

As Sable and I venture into our 4th year 'together', we find ourselves beginning to adapt to each other's needs and routines. Four years? Well, okay, we met in person back in early September, which isn't exactly four years. However, when we first met, and first committed to a relationship (even if it was just online at the time), that was almost four years ago.


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