A Great Article from John C Dvorak.

The Death of Expertise and the Rise of the Internet

No good will come of this.

The modern Internet has become a hopeless cesspool of lies, misinformation, malinformation, bad intentions, ignorant good intentions and half-truths, outright hoaxes, slander, cruelty; as well as a refuge for creeps, criminals, thieves, phonies, agent provocateurs, would-be revolutionaries, predators, useless and fake reviews, Satanists, and worse.

Click the link to read it:

All Over Again.

About 1:20 in. "You are Mine" Is something I never knew I would love to hear. This song is a bit of an erie echoed reminder of that. One day I will hear that again from someone - this much I know.

Reposting: If it isn't obvious.


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