Fall 2022 Update

Things have been a little tough for me this year. With prices rising, and the cost of living having increased, it has been very difficult to manage owning a home by myself, with no other occupants. Terri has been very great tho, and I imagine when she moves here, we should be all set with our combined income.

ADK Adventure 22

I have been itching to get out and do some exploring and adventure as of late. It has been about two years since I last went camping. That adventure was alright, but was a little unfulfilling. Due to my companions alcoholic and low activity nature, we didn't get to do too much in the way of hiking. It was mostly spending time at the campsite and driving around.

Nextdoor Banned me for This...

So, a week or so ago I had posted a video on Nextdoor which was clearly from Philadelphia, PA. In no way was I trying to suggest it was local. But it was a video of problems really going on in this country. A problem I see and interact with, in person, almost daily. But luckily here in the Buffalo, NY area it isn't quite as extreme. But it very much still exists. The drug and addiction issue is a huge problem, and it is very sad to see so many loved ones lost to it.


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