Farewell 2021

As the New Year approaches, I look back at 2021 and look forward towards a hopeful future. Yesterday I had a very unique and magical thing happen to me. I was working downtown, and as I walked towards one of the buildings I had some equipment inside to take care of, I saw something flying in the night sky towards me. I stopped and watched as a large white bird slowly floated across the sky only about 10ft above my head. As the bird flew closer, I noticed it had the flat head of an owl. The spotlight on the building fully illuminated it's bright white feathers as it flew overhead, and disappeared into the shadows beyond the spotlight.

I rounded the corner a bit to find it perched on a railing, looking down at me. A beautiful Snowy Owl! Even living up in Canada, I don't remember ever seeing one. Maybe once along a highway... But this was up close and personal. And in the heart of downtown Buffalo at that! Some people have mentioned that this is likely a sign of good things to come. Positive changes. The Snowy Owl is a pure symbol of knowledge and wisdom. I am not sure, but I do know it was almost magical to witness.

It could also be a Summary of this past year for me. Out with the old, in with the new. At work, 2021 was a good year overall. Towards the beginning of the year, I put myself on a path of independent work and task assignment. I took on some projects to improve a whole transportation system, on my own, without even asking for permission. I just did it, and ended up completely replacing a very critical backbone system which is responsible for safe operations. The new system I took upon myself to install, is functioning well.

There were other changes this year as well. My department has grown around me. I have been training and working closely with some great co-workers. Yes there were some changes and disruptions along the way. But in generally, the 'old', more useless co-workers have left, replaced by a 'new' team which I believe has formed very well together into a tightly bonded group.

Sadly 2021 was also the year that I had to let Sable go. Sable is a great gal, and I still hold fond memories of her, and consider her a close friend, as she does for me as well. But romantically we just didn't work out. She needed to go back to Texas to be with her family, and address some aspects of her life which I couldn't help her with. In some ways I do miss her silliness and coming home to a amazingly cooked meal, and having a friend to play games with and laugh with in the evenings. But I do know I needed more than a friend as my companion. I needed romance and affection.

Dating in 2021 kind of sucked. I'll just put that very bluntly. It seems so many women have super high expectations, and prejudge guys without really taking any effort to get to know them. I can't say I blame them. Sure there are so many pigs and lazy fucks out there. But I am not really one of them. I do know it is hard to find someone like me, who really never gets angry, remains calm and rational, doesn't drink or do drugs, and seeks affection and enjoys to cuddle and pamper his lady. But I am a little on the larger side, and tend to have a bit of a rougher appearance from day to day, so I imagine that might be one factor why I am often passed by without consideration, before a lady even gets to know me.

I have gotten to know one lady better however. Whisperin!. An old friend from 2004/2005 who I used to play World of Warcraft with. Whisperin and I have been spending some time together. Sadly she is Married with kids, and lives in another state. But there is some potential for things to develop into a formal relationship. But there is also a lot going on on her end which may not let that happen - understandably so. So we shall see what the new year brings.

2021 also found me exploring Western New York a lot!. Being alone, I found it fun to venture out in my car and travel the backroads and state highways, checking out all the small places along the way. I began to document this on here, and even began leaving out calling cards along my path, hoping some people might find them and contact me. Meeting interesting new people is always fun.

I look forward to exploring more in 2022, and I do plan to publish more stories from 2021 of the highways I explored in the coming weeks.

This post is already way to fricken long. So Happy New Year, and I wish 2022 is a great year for everyone. :)