Cards and Kidney

I was surprised to encounter some aches and pains as of late. I suspect they relate to a kidney stone, but am not 100% sure. I guess I am getting old.

I did almost go to the hospital. When it first happened I could hardly breathe without causing myself pain - my lungs would inflate and rub against my kidney, and it hurt like hell. At first I wasn't sure if it was kidney or heart related. Due to that fact, I did make a mad dash to the hospital with my red emergency lights. But upon arriving, I became hesitant about entering, with all the COVID-19 warning signs and mask signs and I worried "shit, are they going to force me to take a test for covid since I am having a painful time breathing?"

So I said screw it and went home - where I knew I had an EKG and other items which would help me self-diagnose if it was a heart issue or not. Luckily that all came back okay. So I explored the kidney stone issue more and believe that may be the issue.

Today however, it has settled down and I was able to enjoy the day. Sadly however, I am still alone. No one I attempted to make arrangements with was free or able to spend time with me.

I also was downright turned down this weekend by someone on a dating website - saying they were not interested, when I was just trying to spur some polite conversation. I very rarely get replies on those sites anyhow, so I do appreciate the honesty that comes with someone saying they aren't interested. But I wonder, am I really that unattractive? Am I a bad man? An unappealing human? I'd like to think not. But hey, it seems that I must be.

I did take a lovely drive today, testing out a new Eastward route towards Rochester which negates using the expensive I-90 toll road. I didn't mind paying when the tool collectors were making money. But now it just seems like a money grab. The new route I found got me to Bergen in an hour flat.

A while back I had dropped a business card accidentally on the side of the road up near Lewiston. Someone had found it, and contacted me thru it. I believe in a way they were trolling me, but regardless, this showed to me that this was a viable form of networking for my blog, and also maybe socially. If people see it, and read my blog, and find me interesting, maybe I can make a new friend. So I have gotten in the habit of strategically dropping cards off on my road trips, at places which I think look cute or interesting - hoping maybe someone will find it and say hi. It is kind of like a dog or wolf marking it's territory. Very similar actually.

Speaking of friends, it would be nice to have some more. Sure I have a few friends from work. But with no family in town, I rarely have anyone to hang out with. Ideally I would hang out with a significant other. But that isn't an option at the moment. So, it would be nice to find someone to hang out with. Or even a female friend to cuddle with and see what happens. But that is probably asking too much. Like I said before, I think something must be wrong with me, as the local females tend not to be interested in me. I guess I am either not bad enough, or not good enough for them. They are probably all looking for that unicorn stock broker who is loaded and has a pair of jet ski's, or whatever. I don't know.

Ah well, I am going to sit down by my patio campfire, and enjoy some nice grilled hot dogs and then enjoy a lovely cigar. Until next time! See ya.