Ontario Travel and the Merritt House

Ontario Travel:

In other news I took a trip a few weeks back to a radio station in St. Catharines which as it turns out, is one of the most haunted places in Canada.   Now I am a skeptic, which means that I have to see something and go thru reasonable scientific explanations for it, in order to believe it...   none the less I have had a few expierances which I can not explain while inside abandoned houses and such...  and for somereason when stuff happens that you cant explain,   deep down you feel that its a spirit, or ghost.

anyhow, I got a tour of this place in St. Catharines...  called the Merritt House.  I went there durring the day and went to every room...  I didn't sence anything unusual, but I had a very very strong draw to the place...   so much so, that I wanted to work there.

anyhow,  here is one of the writeups about this place:

I also took a trip up to Pembroke last week and got to drive up eastern central Ontario...  I also got to drive thru Algonquin for the first time, and I found it amazing.  I got some interesting pictures... I guess?