Cottage Cheese?

Ahh yes !  Friday night and things are hopping !   My friends and I met up and we went downtown with a camera in hand.  We went to Yonge and Dundas, in Toronto, and started asking people random questions with the camera recording.  We got a few interesting comments and had fun filming people.

Saturday My girlfriend and I took a trip out east towards peterbrough and lakefeild for a nice drive...   we ended up stopping by my uncles cottage and he nicely offered us dinner.  Afterwards we headed back into peterbrough along a canal and checked out the Peterbrough Lift Locks.

Sunday My girlfriend and I went to the Aurora street festival, which was interesting.  I saw alot of neat stuff and we had fun.

Overall, it was a pretty unusual weekend for us...   as in we didn't do any exploring.  I am kind of itchy to get back behind the camera and start taking more pictures.  I have found that Photography is like being addicted to crack...  once you start, its hard to stop...   and you get antsy when you havent taken any pictures for a while.  To the point where you almost want to bring your camera with you to the store to take pictures of fresh fruits in the supermarket.