Salt Water Aquarium Update!

It has been a while since I updated the blog in regards to my salt water adventure. The aquarium is doing well right now, and I haven't lost any fish to date. Corals, is another story.

Back in December I had a phosphate and nitrate spike which ended up really causing havoc with my corals. My SPS, Brain Coral, and Titans Shield corals survived. But a few other frags I had recently purchased did not survive. I had to dose with vinegar, at about 10ml a day. And I did a few 20% water changes.

Currently the tank seems to have stabilized. Current readings are 1.026 Specific Gravity for Salt level, 1800 Mg level, 0.83 ppm phosphate, 1 ppm Nitrate, and 114 ppb Nitrite. My TDS readings has increased since the last water change, to 3671, from 3552 which it was stable at for many months. And my Calcium is at 560. KH is running about 10. My readings seem a tad high at the moment, so I have removed the vinegar dosing, and will let the tank stabilize on its own.

I am considering selling the MiniMaxi Carpet Aneome... As it really doesn't do much for me. We shall see... I am thinking that I am running low on spots to put new corals, but at the same time, I still have a lot of real estate.

Most of the sponge population, and sea squirt population has perished, as well as one of the clams. But several other clams are still surviving.

I realized that I was keeping the white lights on too long. So I have limited their on time, and been mostly keeping the blue lights on.

I have also set up and stabilized a quarantine tank which is running 24/7 on its own. It is a 20Gal aquarium in my basement beside my sump, and it is fitted with an auto top off system as well.

Sable has a 5 gallon aquarium with a Beta fighting fish in it named Matt. :)