WNY Volunteer Groups

Well, I used to work in a volunteer emergency response team back up in Canada. I would love to start working again in the volunteer sector down here in the states now...

but I have encountered a few issues.

For one, a lot of volunteer services wont accept non American citizens. which is very silly. I have a genuine desire to help and assist. I don't really think nationality has anything to do with it.

Another issue is that many volunteer groups in the area seem to be neck deep in politics. Mayors wanting this, and that. Team Leaders and board of directors ordering and micro managing people around... and clique teams, constantly squabling.

I would like to find a mature group, but I don't know if such a group exists.

I could try starting my own team, but that seems futile. The local police (in buffalo anyhow) are not receptive to outside help.

Anyhow I would appreciate any advice on local area teams which are good to join.

(Update 2016: I notice that in the WNY area anyhow, politics and agencies are far too prolific to even consider setting up a brand new group to compete with existing agencies. Either deal with, and join established cliques, or maybe become a ham radio operator or storm spotter... Or aim for working in emergency response in a professional manner).