Sarah McLachlan's Sweet Surrender

Sarah's song Sweet Surrender is a stunning masterpiece. The erie guitar riffs, calling out like a beacon, instantly catch your attention and draw you in, like a warning. Officially, Sarah has said that this song was inspired by Leaving Los Vegas. But it is interesting when a song's true meaning can be seen, by those in the know, and completely be obscured by those who aren't in the know.

Buffalo Wagon Trails!

I have discovered an interest which I figured I could explore and write about. My interest stems from the idea of initial settling and growth of the area of Western New York. Being that I am the Baron of Western New York and all, I suppose I should educate myself with some of the history here.

T1 !

It is 2021. T1? What does that mean?

Ha, well.. T1's were something that were popular when I was just getting into the industry in the late 1990's and early 2000's. But they were beginning to loose favor by 2010 as SIP / VoIP options began to become more economical and fiber backbones became more widespread.

But one thing can not be denied. In terms of robustness, a T1 line from point to point is typically VERY solid.


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