The Blizzard of '22

This massive Christmas Storm that spread across the country and was massively hyped, seemed to pass by most places with less concern than the hype seemed to warrant. But Buffalo, NY was not one of those places. For Buffalo, the Christmas Eve Blizzard of '22 will be remembered for centuries. And I am one of those 'essential' workers who decided to go against the grain, and come into work on this fateful Friday.

Buffalo Area Christmas Lights! 2022

The wonderful holiday season is upon us. One of my favorite things to do this time of year is go around and view people's Christmas light displays. So warm and cozy, especially with a lovely hot chocolate to sip on.

This year I think we needed the Christmas spirit in our lives. At work, I am the guy who chooses what music is played for the whole workplace, and I switched the music to Christmas music earlier than normal this year, a week before Thanksgiving. I also installed Christmas lights of my own for the first time in a while this year.


Nature always finds a way. Alas, we in the first world countries are often far separated from nature. Our first world offerings and privileges have kept nature at bay for those of us lucky to maintain a decent standard of living in this first world. It is to this effect that we have grown accustomed to every form of live being a guarantee. Having some special purpose. Even the lives of animals around us, have a special meaning and purpose in our hearts.


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