Flying Circus WoW Install

The following are options to install the client files for the private WoW-like server. We are using version 3.3.5a and the Realmlist settings need to be set to

Required Client Files:

Torrent Option:

Required, ready to play, client side game files download: Note: You may have to refresh the page to begin downloading the torrent.

You can also download this torrent: It may take longer, but will not need to be edited when it completes, so it is ready to play.

You will need a torrent program like uTorrent to download them.

This download usually takes between 1 hour and 5 hours to complete.

FTP Option:

Download FileZilla or an FTP Client: Safe FileZilla Download

Use Server, Username: wow, Password: wowserver

The .rar file will be located in there. Download it, if you know what to do with a .rar file.

There is also a copy of the client files which are uncompressed (normal)... Copy the folder called "FlyingCircusWoW-3-3-5a" over to a location on your computer where you want it to be installed.

The file from the FTP download will be already set up with the correct settings. So you will not need to modify the file from this version.

Modifying Realmlist and Install:

Place them anywhere. I recommend right in C:\ or in your program files. As always, I highly recommend doing a virus and malware scan after any torrent. Especially larger public torrents like this one.

However, you will need to edit the file to point towards the IP The file is located in the "Data/enGB/" directory.
set realmlist

After the Realmlist file is edited and saved, find the wow.exe file, and open it. It should start the game up... The first time you execute the wow.exe file, it will begin creating and setting up all the associated files that go along with the game. Once you run it for the first time, you shouldn't move or change the location of the whole game folder. You may however create a shortcut for wow.exe and place that shortcut on your Desktop.

Enter your account details from the account you registered, and you should be able to create your first character.