Vehicle Repair and Customization / Off-Roading

Vehicle Work has been a hobby of mine since, well... Even before I could drive. When I was about 10, I remember modifying my sisters car in some manner. But in all seriousness, ever since I bought my first car, I began to teach myself how to maintain them. Often, I learned first hand, by doing emergency repairs on other peoples vehicles on the side of the highway, while I was a volunteer. But I also had to maintain my own vehicle. During my off-roading phase, I often carried all the tools and equipment needed for repairs on the trail. These days, I like to work on vehicles to relax, and also save some money. But a big part of it, is the sense of accomplishment from doing something on my own. Typically my friend Jake and I will spend time together, relaxing, and just working on vehicles together, in order to shoot the shit. Ya know? Guy time, and all that.

The following are some of my articles pertaining to the topic or maintaining vehicles. This may include articles on emergency lighting systems, and radio communication installs.

Crown Vic. Intake Manifold & Valve Cover
An article about a intake manifold and valve cover repair on my 2007 Crown Victoria.

The Garage
A little article about my garage and equipment, as of August 2016.

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Coil Springs
The dangers of working on coil springs.

2007 Crown Victoria: Blown Out Plug
My Crown Vic was jealous I was planning on buying a truck. In response, it decided to blow out a spark plug, stripping the threads in the process. This is how I fixed them.

2000 Dodge Dakota
Project truck purchase.

First Snow for the Jeep
My 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee lived a long life before it saw snow. 2008 was its first year to enjoy this wonderful white stuff.

Making the Jeep ready for Emergencies
Ambitious plans I had for building a jeep with a full lighting system. Especially since I was unemployed at the time.

The Jeep's Axixtech Lightbar!
I was able to find enough money to buy an Axixtech Torrent LED Lightbar for the Jeep! It was a nice bar.

Vehicle Lettering and Vinyl

Off Roading

As I mentioned above, Off-Roading was a huge hobby of mine for a while. While I never got into the full on rock crawling, I did get into mudding to some extent. I always viewed a muddy jeep as a status symbol. A sign that that jeep was being used the way it was intended. The following articles are related to my adventures out on the trail.

The Jeep Got Stuck!