Ever since I was a little boy, trains have intrigued me. The linear movement of goods from point A to point B. The raw power of the locomotives, and the majestic caboose. It is probably fitting that I ended up working in the rail transportation industry. In any case, the following are some posts, or links to photo albums that I have made over the years, regarding trains.

Where have all the foamers gone?
Dumb Ways To Die! - A Video about Rail Safety.
2013 Model Railroad Plans - Old Ontario Northland Plans
2013 Model Railroad Plans #2 - Old Ontario Northland Plans - With Link to Ontario Northland Video!
Horsepower - How Much, is Too Much?: A post about locomotive development over the years.
Model Railway Locomotive Design - The First RWRL design Concept.
Rail Wolf - Model Railroad Planning and Club Concepts
Locomotive Review - The Geeps!

Model Railroading: Go Freelance? - Or Go Home?: A post about the choice for freelance over prototype.

Vandorf, Ontario foaming location and memories. Also featured in another post here:

Canada's Highway of Steel: A transcription of a favorite National Geographic article that I love. Transcribed for educational and reference purposes, in case I ever loose the copy of the magazine which contains the article.

Model Railroading

Model railroading is another past-time of mine. It appeals to my sense of management and my creative side. I tend to prefer a switching / operation based layout, and am currently working on a layout that I call the Scajaquada Valley Northern.

January 2016: A Dream of Model Railroads?

The Death of all Good Things: On the topic of why model railroading interest has wained, and how it has become a lost art.

Why N Scale: A look at why I decided to opt for N Scale over HO.

Model Railroading: At What Cost?

Rail Yard Basics: A Guide for Model Railroading

Compression or Realism

BPRR Model Idea Plans: Some Scrapped Plans for a BPRR Model Railroad, and the industries it could serve.

Industrial Spur Line Basics - A look at a real industrial spur line, and its purpose and layout.

BPRR Model Railroad Idea (Abandoned)

BPRR Ideas (further?) (Abandoned)

SVNO: The Current Plan / Project

A day in the life of a Scajaquada Valley Railway Engineer...