Real Life Interests and Hobbies

It is very difficult to summarize all of my interests, and who I am in a single blog, let alone a few paragraphs. This section of my blog is about my life in the physical realm, so I shall try to give you an introduction to this aspect of myself. For one, I am a Pisces. For many years, astrology didn't matter to me, but the more I look into it, the more it does seem to define specific traits in individuals. For me, Pisces is a fitting sign. I am a lover, I am confident, and I am selfless. I am also creative and like to mentor. I also like to explore fringes - unusual ideas or places, or techniques.

My values tend to focus on slightly older school values. The idea that respect is earned - however at the same time, everyone starts out with a general level of respect. How they act will dictate if they are deserving of more respect, or less. I am typically not one to judge people too quickly. I take my time, and get to know someone, and also let them get to know me. I may have presumptions, but I won't let those interfere with learning about them further, and trying to figure out who they truly are. I am also not one to focus on money. Sure money is nice, but love and friendship is much more worthy. I would never sacrifice a relationship for money.

That being said, I have a lot of past history with helping people, or being involved in some sort of odd adventure. I am not one to be afraid of being seen as a little strange, or even weird. Doesn't bother me, I take pride in it. I am not easily offended, and I try to promote that kind of self confidence in others.

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Ham Radio

Ham Radio is a unique hobby for those who may be technically minded. Sadly it is not overly popular with younger people today, but it does have a lot of cool factor, and potential. Sure it is easy to talk to friends around the world using the internet and the latest app, but imagine how many switches, and servers that chat conversation must pass through? when, you could in theory have the same conversation with a 5 watt wireless radio.

Vehicle Maintenance & Off-Roading

Motor Vehicles have always been an interest of mine, since childhood, where I played with HotWheels, to my adult life where I have been modifying and working on vehicles in all sorts of ways. This category covers my exploits in maintenance, modifying, and off-roading antics.

Emergency Response Work

From 'Founding' a volunteer response group, to participating in a Volunteer Fire Hall. My desire to help and volunteer myself to protect others has been with me much of my life. These days, I am not overly active in emergency response work. However, will still jump into action if needed.


From Model Railroading to Heavy Freight, I have been interested, and involved in various aspects of rail transportation.


Photography is an older hobby of mine, which I have drifted away from due to having less free time to wander around aimlessly. However, here I share some of my photographic captures.

Nature and Camping

From my wild wolf encounter, to stories of my camping and hiking experiences, I enjoy the outdoors. And this is my portal to share those stories with you.

Love and Lifestyle

Love is very important to me, as is Honesty, Respect, and Dedication. This topic covers my thoughts or theories about Love, and sexual exploration. Most topics are private in nature, and so they are restricted to registered members.


Electronics has been an interest since I was about 16. It began as a hobby, but once it became the core traits of my professions, it lost its value as a hobby. In any case, I do encourage people to learn about electronics, and enjoy mentoring on the topic. I have even considered setting up a hack-lab of sorts for people to explore and build things under my guidance.

Music and Sound Production

Music and Sound Production has been not only an interest, but also a profession for me. Having mixed many bands, and worked in studios, halls, and bars, I have been experienced with many types of audio production. I have also worked in studio design / construction work.


Some other posts which are considered to be 'general' posts.

There are a few photos of me working in Radio when I was younger.