Guild Management

Leadership and Administration are the most important factors of any Guild. However they are also very difficult hurtles to deal with as a Guild Master. As a guild grows and matures, so must the leadership. And this in turn may lead to several problems along the way. We will examine a few of these potential problems in this article.

July 3rd, 2006 - Algonquin Canada Day

On the Canada Day weekend in 2006, Myself and a few friends went to Algonquin Park to relax and do some simple site camping. Our site was fairly secluded, and had a lot of high trees which we used to hang an antenna. We set up a ham radio and did some DXing.


July 18th, 2006 - The Journey Begins

Well gee.. I quit work today. wow. I have never done anything so life changing.. in my life! But I am following my heart... I feel good, and I feel secure about what my future holds for me.


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