L4D / TF2

I have been playing WoW (World of Warcraft) on and off for a good 4 years now.  To me the game has always lacked a lot of actual gameplay quality and has been more of a social game.  Having run a few guilds, I fulfiled my social needs in WoW by being socially active in the guilds I ran.  I enjoyed it and I was apparently pretty good at guild management, so they tell me.

Photo Review: The Aud Photo

The famous 'Aud' Photo above was taken by me in early 2007. While I have explained a few times about how it was photographed, I still get asked about it. At the time, Demolition had not started on the Aud. Therefore the building was completely void of any electricity. To take this photo I had to bring my own spotlights.

POTD Akron Mines Calcite

A faithful reader emailed me and asked me about this photo:

How did I photograph it, they ask.

Well, That was some calcite deposit which is leaking down from the roof of the cave. It would of taken years for this to form. I set up my camera on my tripod, and extended it as close as I could to the deposit. Setting up a tripod in a cave with bolders all over the floor is not an easy task, let me tell you!


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