'Roadwolf' has been a nick name for me for many years now.  Many people have asked about its origins, and I must say they were very unique.  Of course a true nick name is always given to you by your friends.  But as it turned out, 'Roadwolf' was first conceived by myself, on Yahoo!

What makes a 'black person' black?

I am far from being a racist person. I believe everyone should be treated equally regardless of skin colour or the language they speak. However while at a clinic today, I overheard some African American people talking to each other. One was a younger female mother, with a daughter in tow. The other was an older nurse, who must of been almost 70. I really was not paying attention, however my ears perked up when I heard the younger woman say 'negro'. Apparently they were discussing radio or music.

Death of a Spider

This may sound slightly insane, but...

I generally like to have a predatorial insect or spider living in my house with me.  Mainly as a kind of mini-pet, but also as a kind of anti-pest patrol.  My favorite would have to be a House Centipede.  But while those are recluse, they also seem to be quite rare.  Especially in upper level apartments.  So my current pest control was a spider who lives on the ceiling in my bathroom.  He would happily hang there and watch me do my buisness, while he patiently waited for prey for a good 2 months.


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