Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis

I wanted to talk about this game for a bit.  I do not know why it is, but it seems many of the older games really 'got it right' when it came to the actual game itself.  Forget about graphics.  Sure many of the new games have amazing graphics which makes it look like you are right there on the battlefield, or whatever.  But their playability lacks once you have finished the single player campaign missions.  Sure most decent games out there have multiplayer ability, and some games are solely dedicated to Multiplayer like Team Fortress 2 (which is excellent by the way).

The Ham Repeater

I wanted to tell a story which happened to me in my past life (i.e. my life in Canada).  In early 2005 and into 2006 Myself along with a few friends, decided to build ourselves a UHF amature radio repeater in Toronto.  The group which I will call the 'Shockers' (Shockers International Radio Club) wanted a special repeater which we could utilize with our own radios, and which would serve the GTA.  Of course there are many many UHF repeaters in Toronto, but their either very crappy, range wise,  or very popular and filled with spam, or grumpy old ham farts.

Supreme Ruler 2020

While I was a huge fan of Supreme Ruler 2010, I had doubts about Supreme Ruler 2020 from long before its release date.  Supreme Ruler 2010 was a fun game which you could act as a leader of a country and literally take over the world, using very realistic economic, political and military tools.  In SR2010 you could, with some work, sit down at your computer, and take over the world in one 8 to 10 hour sitting if you know what you are doing.  Surely there was some major bugs.  The most annoying of which seemed to be related to unit movement.


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