Death of a Spider

This may sound slightly insane, but...

I generally like to have a predatorial insect or spider living in my house with me.  Mainly as a kind of mini-pet, but also as a kind of anti-pest patrol.  My favorite would have to be a House Centipede.  But while those are recluse, they also seem to be quite rare.  Especially in upper level apartments.  So my current pest control was a spider who lives on the ceiling in my bathroom.  He would happily hang there and watch me do my buisness, while he patiently waited for prey for a good 2 months.

Dealing with Neighbours

Our new neighbour was great for the first few months.  But recently he acquired a large stereo system, and him and his 13 year old daughters have been playing music with very loud bass that shakes the house.  We have asked them to keep the bass down.  He has turned it down when requested so far, but the bass always creeps back up in a few hours, or the next day.  However he seems to be getting annoyed with our complaints recently.

OpenSky Network failing?

The OpenSky Network is a statewide cell site based emergency communications system.  The system is a brand new style of digital encrypted communications which would be 'unhackable' and 'unmonitorable'.  NY State launched this 2 billion dollar program to install repeaters in townships across the state following the 9/11 attacks.  The idea was that it would provide a 'secure' and connected system which ALL agencies could all access, no matter where they are in in the state.  The system also offers the flexability to connect all the agencies together and interlink them at the press of a button


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