The Big Catch 22

Right now, things are kind of tough. Currently living off of one income, my wife and I are renting in a fairly shitty part of town. The rent is manageable, but just manageable. We are both depressed and we both want our own place. She would also like to go back to school and study to earn more money in the future, while I do not wish to re-join the conventional workforce. I am sure some may say that that seems lazy, and they may be right.


'Roadwolf' has been a nick name for me for many years now.  Many people have asked about its origins, and I must say they were very unique.  Of course a true nick name is always given to you by your friends.  But as it turned out, 'Roadwolf' was first conceived by myself, on Yahoo!

What makes a 'black person' black?

I am far from being a racist person. I believe everyone should be treated equally regardless of skin colour or the language they speak. However while at a clinic today, I overheard some African American people talking to each other. One was a younger female mother, with a daughter in tow. The other was an older nurse, who must of been almost 70. I really was not paying attention, however my ears perked up when I heard the younger woman say 'negro'. Apparently they were discussing radio or music.


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