Pizza Nova and The Edge 102

So nightbird and I traveled back into the Great White North this weekend to venture to Pizza Nova and get the Family Special to take home for dinner.  Sure, its a long drive to Hamilton to get pizza for take out.  But there is no place in town that makes pizza quite like Pizza Nova.  Pizza Nova is amazing.  I know here in Buffalo everyone is used to greasy pizza, usually cut into squares for some odd reason.  I highly suggest people go try Pizza Nova in Hamilton.  Let me know what ya think.

The Aud: Album 1

This is Album 1 of my Aud photos.

It is a start anyhow...  Warning, this is a long post.  Please be sure to scroll down and view the rest of my recent posts too :)

This is another decent overview photo of the arena inside.

In the Aud Club...

L4D / TF2

I have been playing WoW (World of Warcraft) on and off for a good 4 years now.  To me the game has always lacked a lot of actual gameplay quality and has been more of a social game.  Having run a few guilds, I fulfiled my social needs in WoW by being socially active in the guilds I ran.  I enjoyed it and I was apparently pretty good at guild management, so they tell me.


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