Not What You See

Savatage's album, entitled Dead Winter Dead, is seemingly a long forgotten album. Heck, most people wouldn't even recognize the band name. So, just to introduce anyone who doesn't know, Savatage is the core of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, minus the orchestra. In the 90'tys, Savatage was one of the larger Rock Opera groups, and originally released many of the songs that TSO currently is famous for.

Cultural Identity and Weakness

Growing up in Canada, I was raised in a free country. Indeed, Canada is one such country in the world which has been fairly free and has had a good human rights track record. Up until I was a teenager, I was brought along to the Sunday services at the local Roman Catholic Church. As a kid I mostly found the masses boring, save for some of the music, and the sermon.

SVNO Control

I have been putting some additional thought into the control system for my SVNO project. The plan involved using DTMF decoder relay modules, which will activate switches. This will be done with low power DTMF capable radio handhelds, which will be used for switch operation as well as communications.


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