Kirby Road Farm Complex

The Kirby Road Farm Complex was one of the creepiest locations I have ever explored. Located at Kirby Road and Weston Road in King City, Ontario. The house is no longer there, but the barns still exist.


The Isle

The FlyingCircus Server:

I am running a server for the isle, surprise surprise! The FlyingCircus serer was one of the first very popular servers for the game. I took it down for a while, but it has returned. Currently we are running Isle Region 2, in Sandbox mode with AI. It is set to update every day at 7 AM Eastern Time. I had a little trouble finding information on how to set up a sandbox server. It is no longer a cvar value in the Game.ini file. See below for some of the information I uncovered, as there is a lot which is out of date.

Chess in Concert


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