Fathers Day Weekend!

Nightbird and I decided to go up and visit everyone this past weekend.  On Saturday we drove up to Toronto in a refreshing rain storm.  We ended up driving up to Dixon Road and picking up my friend 'Skelly' who had come in from Oregon to spend a few days in Toronto.  So we picked him up and then headed down to 'Avatar-X's loft to hang out for a bit.  Richard was there and we all sat around and watched some videos for a bit until it was time to head to a Toronto UE meet!

The Aud: Final Moments

A few weeks ago I spoke to a volunteer at the naval park about the Aud.  I told him of my adventures, and spoke of the poor conditions I saw inside.  We got into a nice long discussion about how the Aud could not of logically been used for anything other then what it was purpose built for.  And while it was a great building with many memories, it was time to go.

SimCity 4

Being a curious...  'nerd' like myself.  I love watching things grow and develop.  I also like prodding at those things and influencing them over time.  Thus the study of urban expansion has interested me for a very long time.  In grade school and high school, most of my 'art' in Art Class consisted of intricate maps which I hand drew.  Into high school my passion was directed more at studying how towns began, and sprang up.  For example, I would look at a town in an atlas, and wonder...  Okay, so why did this town settle here?


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