Yellowstone Supervolcano

I just read a recent issue of National Geographic about the Yellowstone Supervolcano.  I am actually very surprised about how large an erruption would be.  This map shows the extent of the pyroclastic cloud which occured 640,000 years ago.  As you can see, an event of this magnatude would likely wipe out most of the western US.

GPS Cell Phones

A few nights ago I was monitoring a police call for a kidnapping.  Apparently a 30 something year old woman was kidnapped at gunpoint and taken to a house in Buffalo by an unknown person.  A friend or family member of the victim called her cell phone which she had on her, and ended up getting an open line on the phone.  The cell phone stayed open, letting police monitor what was going on and being said as the suspects unknowingly talked about their plans with police listening in.  They also heard what sounded like the victim being beaten.

Somethings Wrong!

You know something is wrong with the world, when a multi billion dollar international company only has 14 jobs listed on their website, in a worldwide, all inclusive search.


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