Canada's Highway of Steel

This article, originally printed in the December 1994 edition of National Geographic, caught my eye, and my heart ever since I laid eyes on it.  Having always been a fan of trains, this article gave me a much deeper understanding of their role in society - and of their role in keeping countries together.  I have been wanting to re-type the whole article here on my blog, as it has been such an inspiration to myself.  I have however been worried about copyrights and such.  That being said, I finally decided to type it up.  If I receive a request to remove it, I shall.  However at the moment,

Buffalo Police use Liberty Taxi unmarked cars.

Saw it with my own eyes tonight.  2 BPD officers in a Liberty Taxi Crown Vic (Dark Blue in Color) equipted with undercover flashing lights, pulled over a speeder on Niagara Street.  Very sneaky and a great idea.  I thought this was a Buffalo original as I had not heard of it before,  but my friend "unlisted" showed me a video of a NYC undercover taxi.

Trainz 2009 - RWL Route Update

Just wanted to update everyone on my long term project in Trainz called RWL.  It is a scale simulation of a fictional mountian pass mainline route, with spurs, yards, towns and working industries.  In all total, the Route is about 100 scale miles at this time.

Kachinahey was a Junction town which I created when I was doing a demonstration on how to build routes with TRS2006.  I am happy to report that it is still very much an active town.


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