On the way to pick Nightbird up from work today, I came across a vehicle which was stalled out in a live lane in a kinda dangerous spot coming off of the highway.  As usual, I stopped to offer my assistance.  The young lady in the car told me the tow truck was only about 10 minutes away.  So I set up some pylons and waited.

Locked up in Arkham Asylum

I would like to start this article with a disclaimer that means two things. I am a Bat-nerd. Saying that, I am going to be a very harsh lore and story critic, however, I have been waiting and hoping to play this game ever since the first announcement.


This past weekend while I was up in Toronto, my friend Mike decided to take me out Foaming.  Foaming is geek speak for Train Watching.  I often engage in this hobby as I obviously enjoy trains.  We started out at an old stomping ground of mine, in Vandorf, Ontario.  My uncle lives just down the road from this crossing.  My friends and I often hung out at this crossing.


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