Boycott: Sunoco at Niagara and Bird

This gas station is very shady. Last week I went there, as I was very low on gas. I used my card. The pump accepted it, but it wouldn't let me pump any fuel. I went inside, they charged me inside for 20 bucks. I pumped my fuel.

Now it turns out they took 100 dollars out of my account for the fuel I wasn't able to pump. Plus the additional 20 dollars. My bank is telling me that it was charged to the account... WTF? Now I have no money for food at all.

Three Hobbies, One Day

So I went out to enjoy the wonderful weather today.  I didn't know what to do, so I decided to try to watch some trains.  Having never watched trains in the Buffalo area before, it was a bit of a learning experience trying to find the best places to watch.  I am still looking for good places to watch, but I found a few alright crossings to sit at.


So we have been feeding birds on our roof lately.


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