Aquarium Update: Life!

Recently, I purchased some live rock to continue the Aquarium project. This is the recommended progression of a new salt water aquarium. Live Sand > Live Rock > then... a Shrimp and Goby pair. The live rock contained some soft coral polyps, and some established brain corals. It also seemed to contain a sponge, and some plant life. I purchased about $250 worth of live rock, and plan on purchasing more in the near future.

Flying Circus WoW Install

The following are options to install the client files for the private WoW-like server. We are using version 3.3.5a and the Realmlist settings need to be set to

Required Client Files:

Aquarium Update: Water!

With the arrival of some live sand I had ordered, the pressure was on for me to get water into my tank this weekend. I purchased some "Crystal Reef Sand". 200 lbs of it to be exact.


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