Aquarium: Week 6

Last week I has purchased some new fish. Blue Back Chromis. I also purchased a Royal Gramma. So the aquarium is fairly lively now. The time I usually would spend writing updates on this blog, are spent starting into my fish tank, watching all the life.

This past weekend I purchased some snails, and hermit crabs. So I have a fair amount of cleanup crew now. I also have a brittle starfish, and found that I have 2, maybe 3 clams which I had thought were part of the live rock. I also have some peppermint shrimp around which I purchased for aptasia control.

Aquarium: First Emergency, and Week 3

So, yes... I had my first man made emergency happen. I left the top off feed manually turned on, for quite a while. I forgot about this, and returned to the sump to find it overflowing. I acted quickly, and killed the feed, then proceeded to pump the excess water out of the sump, to the nearby drain. After all was said and done, the tank salinity dropped from 1.025 down to 1.016. My coral polyps were in shock, and had hidden from view. I was concerned, and decided to add more salt. I quickly got the salinity back up to 1.020, and then slowly added from there to get up to 1.025.

Aquarium Update: Life!

Recently, I purchased some live rock to continue the Aquarium project. This is the recommended progression of a new salt water aquarium. Live Sand > Live Rock > then... a Shrimp and Goby pair. The live rock contained some soft coral polyps, and some established brain corals. It also seemed to contain a sponge, and some plant life. I purchased about $250 worth of live rock, and plan on purchasing more in the near future.


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