Digital Privacy: Amazon Sidewalk

This MalwareBytes article is a great reason why not to have devices in your house that are controlled by big data.

You Found Me (Redux)

I recently rediscovered an old post from over ten years ago. You Found Me was a post I wrote during a rough time in my life, only about a year and 5 months after I had broken up with Kele (aka Kara). I was married at the time and Kara was essentially my first 'Polyamorous' relationship. Meanwhile my wife Nightbird had a girlfriend she saw off and on.


Also funny to note that I was propagating a 'value for value' John Galt model - before ever having been aware of it, in the chat transcript.

I have known Whisperin since 2005. Our relationship began in World of Warcraft. She was a priest, I was a Warrior. It was a perfect match.


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