Omgz It is Snowing!!!

Okay, so one of my pet peeves is people who freak out about the weather.  Like for example being surprised that in November there is a dusting of snow on the ground and some surface ice on the roads...  No shit?  See the trees...  There are no leaves on them anymore...   That usually means winter is coming.  Seriously,  people who have lived in Canada their whole lives and still get surprised by a little snow in late fall...  It happens every year,  get used to it!

I for one am looking forward to our first snow down here.


Just finished reprogramming my FT-857D which is in my Jeep.   Of course I don't have the computer program for it, nor do I have a DTMF keypad.  But I still find the FT-857 to be very user friendly and the operation of the radio is fairly straight forward.  I wouldn't suggest trying to program it while driving - but if you are a responsible driver, you shouldn't be programming any radio (or sending text messages over a radio) while driving.

First Call

Well today was my first call.  I was just about to get ready to meander over to the hall early for the training drill we do on Wednesdays, and I hear the tones go out.  Sure enough I jumpped into my clothes and ran out the door.  Fumbled for my key to lock the house, and then ran across the road to the jeep.  One of my shoes even flew off I was running so fast.   I grabbed it and put it on in the jeep.  Flipped on the lights and off I went.    Everyone pulled over for me, and I was even waved through a red light by people who stopped for me.  I still stopped to ensure it was clear of course


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