The Geeps

It is undeniable that the creation of the GP (General Purpose) 7 changed railroading drastically. The GP7 units were designed by Dick Dilworth of EMD. His goal was to make a road switcher which would work well "out where the real work was being done." The design was based on observations from Alco and Baldwin Locomotives, as well as considerations of the needs of a freight train crew.

The Box?

Where have all the foamers gone?

Foamers, Rail Buffs, Train Spotters.... Whatever you want to call them, they were always nuts about trains. I am one of these people. I LOVE trains and infrastructure. But I find myself asking some questions lately... Is this just a hobby for old men? They are the only ones who I seem to be able to find who seem to enjoy it. Why am I so .. different? Why are few other young people into train spotting or foaming. I imagine part of it these days has to do with the whole 'security' aspect.


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