How to Build a Computer System

A lot of people are intimidated when it comes to building their own computer systems.  This article will hopefully help guide the average computer user though the process or purchasing and assembling the items needed for your personal computer system.  First thing is first, you will need to establish what you will use your computer for.

Fire Hall stuff.

Well another year has rolled around.  The votes are in, and all I can say is that it will be interesting to see how this years officers handle a real call.  I am now on the Beer and Pop committee, the Bylaws committee, and of course the website committee.  All in all, I am still enjoying things there.  Although lately training has been less common due to the holidays.  Hopefully we get back to doing some interesting stuff soon.

.. and a Tornado.

I had a rather interesting dream just now.  I was some kind of driver.  Either delivering long haul cross country items in my own car, or just the fact that I liked driving and seemed to have an unlimited amount of gas money.  Either way the dream starts off with myself driving along a country road during a storm.  Up ahead I see a tornado which crosses the road infront of me.  I was climbing a hill, and the fields were perfectly green fields on either side of me.  I could see for miles.


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