First Call

Well today was my first call.  I was just about to get ready to meander over to the hall early for the training drill we do on Wednesdays, and I hear the tones go out.  Sure enough I jumpped into my clothes and ran out the door.  Fumbled for my key to lock the house, and then ran across the road to the jeep.  One of my shoes even flew off I was running so fast.   I grabbed it and put it on in the jeep.  Flipped on the lights and off I went.    Everyone pulled over for me, and I was even waved through a red light by people who stopped for me.  I still stopped to ensure it was clear of course


"Whacking" (verb) or "Whackers" (noun) is a slang term used mainly in the HAM Radio community.  Whackers are typically people who like to deck their cars out with emergency equipment, in order to satisfy a carnal need to feel powerful.  In most cases, Whackers are people who actually have no power at all, and are not actually affiliated with any official group.

Pet Peave: Wrong Side Cyclists

One major pet peave of mine is cyclists who ride on the wrong side of the road. Sure there is the argument that this method lets the cyclist see whats coming towards him, so he can react. But the problem is that drivers don't expect it.

I have had 3 close calls at hitting cyclists in my lifetime while driving a vehicle. The 3rd happened today. I was conducting a completely legal and safe U Turn. and almost hit a cyclist coming the opposite way on the other side of the road. Luckily we both stopped several feet from each other.


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