The Box?

Where have all the foamers gone?

Foamers, Rail Buffs, Train Spotters.... Whatever you want to call them, they were always nuts about trains. I am one of these people. I LOVE trains and infrastructure. But I find myself asking some questions lately... Is this just a hobby for old men? They are the only ones who I seem to be able to find who seem to enjoy it. Why am I so .. different? Why are few other young people into train spotting or foaming. I imagine part of it these days has to do with the whole 'security' aspect.

Whats new?

Lately I have been busy job hunting and taking care of my TF2 Servers.  With the help of the plugin author I got Jukebox running on both my servers.  Now we can listen to thousands of high quality audio tracks on TF2 while we enjoy the game.

That being said I have been a bit bored.  I try to make up projects to keep myself occupied.  The fire hall stuff is going great, and I had a blast last week when we did the maze.


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