SB&D Route Update 0.1.6

This update touches briefly on the old Newfoundland route I have been working on.

To date the main line is now complete, measuring a whopping 270 miles!  Several branches still require some work.  As do some of the cities and a yard.

I have started work on landscaping, and am well underway.  I am aiming for a fairly wild, and lush route, yet still trying to keep the fps rates up there.  So I am putting highly detailed items within about 200 meters of the track, and away from the track I scale back dramatically.   You really cant tell from the track that this is the case.

SB&D Route

I have decided to call the 'Newfoundland' Route, the SB&D, named after St Johns, Barrie and Dundas - 3 major towns on the route.

Work is progressing and so far about 120 miles of track are laid down.  About 60 miles of that is low speed mountain terrain.  The rest is all fairly high speed trackage, with wide curves and shallow grades.

There is a 20 mile spur line which services some mining facilities as well.

There are about 50 more miles to go on the mainline, and the chance for about another 30 miles of trackage on spurs.

My UFO Experience

With various political and professional figures coming out recently, and telling their stories.  I figured it was time to tell mine.  While I do not believe it to be a very important close encounter in the grand scheme of things, it is none the less interesting to me.


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