$50 Billion to Transportation

While it is promising to hear that money is being allocated for infrastructure upgrades, I am very skeptical that that money will be used wisely. For one, I highly doubt that $50 Billion will be enough to upgrade 150,000 Miles of Road, 4000 Miles of Rail, and 150 Miles of Airport Runways PLUS Air traffic control systems. As per this news article for example, which states that (an unrelated highway project) is going to take $191 Million and will only end up improving a single highway interchange.

Drama Llama

I am looking back on an event which happened a couple months ago. Specifically I am noticing that this event has changed several people - and all because someone had sand in their vagina.

Earlier this year I stepped down as the Server Admin for FLC (Fast Lane Crew). My reasons were simply due to a lack of time, and a general lack of interest added with the fact that I did not feel that the FLC administration really cared about their clan (gaming clan).

Into The Universe: How The Universe Will End...

It is my belief that the Big Bang was actually a huge black hole, which reached the point of failure. The point at which it could not hold any more. It is very possible that a chemical reaction occured, similar to how stars form. Black holes behave differently depending on how large, or small they are. So what about a super massive black hole? Well, we cant really say how it would react, but chances are, there is a limit to how dense matter can get.


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