SB&D Route

I have decided to call the 'Newfoundland' Route, the SB&D, named after St Johns, Barrie and Dundas - 3 major towns on the route.

Work is progressing and so far about 120 miles of track are laid down.  About 60 miles of that is low speed mountain terrain.  The rest is all fairly high speed trackage, with wide curves and shallow grades.

There is a 20 mile spur line which services some mining facilities as well.

There are about 50 more miles to go on the mainline, and the chance for about another 30 miles of trackage on spurs.

My UFO Experience

With various political and professional figures coming out recently, and telling their stories.  I figured it was time to tell mine.  While I do not believe it to be a very important close encounter in the grand scheme of things, it is none the less interesting to me.

The Birds!

Our birds are doing well.  Paddy is as friendly as ever, and is learning not to bite as hard as he used to.  He is also pooping on command on a regular basis, and we have him somewhat trained to use a perch above some newspaper to poop on.  Beryl is also doing well.  Him and Paddy enjoy flying around outside the cage from time to time.  They both generally get along well, and they even preen eachother.  Strangely enough Beryl has been seen trying to mount Paddy...  Paddy always reacts surprised and


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