The Laws of Majetic

  1. Everything is impossible, things only happen by the grace of God.
  2. Nothing is perfect.  No one or nothing is one hundred percent.
  3. If you think something is going to take a long time, sooner or later it never gets done.
  4. If you change one thing, you have more then one thing.
  5. The BEST is the CHEAPEST.   The cheapest is not always the best.  The very best is the HARDEST to find.  The most expensive is never the best.
  6. For every success it takes a thousand failures.

BPRR Model Railroad Project (N Scale)


Great Ontario Road Trips

I sit here in Buffalo, NY scrolling around in google maps, and I am forced to recall some of the great memories and fun times I have had driving around Ontario.  I would have to say my favorite spot is likely Whitney, Ontario, a small town nestled in the corner of Algonquin Park.  Why Whitney?  Well its not because of the park...  Although that is a bonus!   The Whitney Diner, a small gas station / diner, is the best place to eat in Central Ontario, hands down.  If you drive through Whitney, be sure to stop there.  The Mad Musher across the street is alright, and has wifi for those city dwe


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