Living and Loving Life

Life for me these days has been fairly decent. I still have a nice home in a nice community (Downtown North Tonawanda). I have a great job, some would say a 'dream job'. My finances are decently in order. I do often find myself at work, but when I am not at work, my free time is spent between chores and relaxing and enjoying life.

Masks vs No Masks

It seems very clear to me that there are opposing forces at work here. The visible signs of a cultures background, belief system, and political viewpoints can be summed up with a simple observation. Do they have a mask, or not?

This is for sure beginning to divide the nation, and the world.

The World War of the Masks may be upon us.

First Orienteering Adventure

I have always loved maps! Maps. Traveling. Finding my way around. I was never one of those people who relies on a GPS. Yeah GPS is cool and all. I remember as a 12 year old, one of the 'toys' I had was a handheld GPS unit that my dad got me. Very cool! I spent many hours marking shallow rocks out in the boat in Stoney Lake, and recording my journeys on my bicycle, chasing fire trucks. Not only did I mark those rocks, but I had also purchased nautical charts and compared the rocks I found with what was on the chart!

Anyhow. Yes, I love maps! I am nerdy like that.


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