Go Freelance or Go Home?

I have been planning a N Scale model railroad now for about 6 months.  Originally I was planning on modeling the BPRR and BSOR from Buffalo to Gowanda / Salamanca.  I figured this would be an interesting local shortline to model which would provide some interesting and fun operating sessions.  Planning a model railroad takes a long time, and indeed I spent many hours working out track plans and trying to fit everything into the space I have allocated.  I have a decent sized 19 by 33 foot room to use as a train room.  So that will suit almost any project nicely.


Things have been going a lot better lately.  Anxiously awaiting the closing date for our new house.  Got a nice raise at work, and the weather is getting nicer.


I have decided that I want to get a push mower for the new house.  An unusual decision for a fat guy like myself, but I do want to start loosing weight, and I am not just saying that either.  I figure with a quiet push mower, I can get up early on the weekend (which is my usual schedule) and mow the lawn right after sunrise without waking the neighbours up.

My Ideal Computer Game

I have always been a fan of games like Simcity 3000, where you had to micromanage every function of the game in order to really do well.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but during those times you can always set some portions to cruise control, and the game handles them for you (although not always in the best manner).


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