Drama Llama

I am looking back on an event which happened a couple months ago. Specifically I am noticing that this event has changed several people - and all because someone had sand in their vagina.

Earlier this year I stepped down as the Server Admin for FLC (Fast Lane Crew). My reasons were simply due to a lack of time, and a general lack of interest added with the fact that I did not feel that the FLC administration really cared about their clan (gaming clan).

Into The Universe: How The Universe Will End...

It is my belief that the Big Bang was actually a huge black hole, which reached the point of failure. The point at which it could not hold any more. It is very possible that a chemical reaction occured, similar to how stars form. Black holes behave differently depending on how large, or small they are. So what about a super massive black hole? Well, we cant really say how it would react, but chances are, there is a limit to how dense matter can get.

SB&D Route Update 0.1.6

This update touches briefly on the old Newfoundland route I have been working on.

To date the main line is now complete, measuring a whopping 270 miles!  Several branches still require some work.  As do some of the cities and a yard.

I have started work on landscaping, and am well underway.  I am aiming for a fairly wild, and lush route, yet still trying to keep the fps rates up there.  So I am putting highly detailed items within about 200 meters of the track, and away from the track I scale back dramatically.   You really cant tell from the track that this is the case.


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