Why N Scale?

In my childhood years I was always interested in trains.  Growing up near some tracks, I would hear the trains blow their horns often.  Naturally that led to an interest in model railroading.  When I was 12 I worked on a large 8x12 layout in my basement, which never really got past the stage of laying a ring of track.  It was all HO Scale, and I had about 20 items of rolling stock and locomotives for it.  We ended up moving, and the layout was dismantled, and everything was boxed up.  I believe it still exists in boxes at my moms house.  I know that one nice CP SD 38 made its way to my frie

BPRR Changes Rev 3.2

I am slightly modifying the original plan. My plan is to have a less prototypical atmosphere then the original.  While yes I am still focused on the BPRR, I am generally excluding CSX/NS main lines from the Buffalo side of the layout.  At Salamanca there will be a interchange yard instead where CSX and NS will enter the layout through.

New Centerbeam!

My latest edition, a TTZX Centerbeam Flatcar, used for transporting pallets of lumber, has been accepted into the growing fleet of N Scale rail cars I have been collecting.


There will be at least one lumber industry on the layout for sure.  This car may end up running between an interchange yard and a lumber yard.


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