I think the most interesting way someone has described me lately is using the term incubus.  I kinda looked at them and was like, 'uh, what?'  "That's what you are, you can get any girl into bed with you..."   'yeah, okay, but an incubus is a demon with evil intentions...   I don't really think I am evil, am I?'   "No"  'So then how can I be an incubus?'  "You could be a good demon?"

Spore: The Return!

In the past week I have enjoyed playing Spore again!  I installed it on a whim one night before work, by sheer chance.  My thoughts were that I likely would get bored of it quick and delete it within a few days.  Alas, no!   I have found that the game has been entertaining me all week!

What are those Lime Cones in Buffalo?

We have all seen them.  Lime green traffic cones around Buffalo, NY.  Usually with caution tape around them, encircling a light pole or other street side object.  But why?

Lime Traffic Cones


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