World of Warcraft: My return

Yes, alas I have returned to World of Warcraft. What a terrible fate, I know! However it is one of the few games that runs well on my laptop.

I transferred to a new server; Gnomeregan, which is a Western US server. My friend Jeff is there, as well as my other friend Richard. While I don't really play with them as I do not raid, I still enjoy hanging out with them on occasion.

Just Pizza - Buffalo

I wanted to write a quick comment about Just Pizza, one of Buffalos more popular pizza places. As with most pizza places in Buffalo, Just Pizza, sells more then just pizza. 3 or 4 years ago when I lived near Elmwood, I often frequented Just Pizza for their pizza and Chicken Finger dinners, which were quite decent. Now however, I am very sad to say that their finger dinners suck. I had some tonight, and the chicken was dry and thin,with a lot of air bubbles baked into the batter. Almost like they inflate the chicken to make it look bigger.

Drill The Hole!

Today I saw a car on the highway with about 5 magmount antennas on the trunk. Sadly I was driving and didn't get a photo... But I wanted to weigh in on this subject none the less. Okay so when I was young and stupid, I always thought that magmounts were the way to go. But back then the internet was not really the wealth of information on such things as it is now.


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