Great Ontario Road Trips

I sit here in Buffalo, NY scrolling around in google maps, and I am forced to recall some of the great memories and fun times I have had driving around Ontario.  I would have to say my favorite spot is likely Whitney, Ontario, a small town nestled in the corner of Algonquin Park.  Why Whitney?  Well its not because of the park...  Although that is a bonus!   The Whitney Diner, a small gas station / diner, is the best place to eat in Central Ontario, hands down.  If you drive through Whitney, be sure to stop there.  The Mad Musher across the street is alright, and has wifi for those city dwe

Pans Garden review!

I got the chance to stop by a new Chinese Food restaurant called Pans Garden. Pans Garden is a new store located where Kim Kitchen used to be located, on the corner of Main and Delevan, in Buffalo, NY.

Now I am a very picky eater when it comes to Chinese food. Having grown up in Thornhill, Ontario, a very asian part of the Toronto Suburbs. But my main reference point has to be from a place called Chongs on Yonge Street in Toronto. Chongs is now called Golden House and is located near Summerhill.

Growing up? Maybe...

I have been thinking lately about my social situation. I have always been a very social kinda person. More so in niche groups like Volunteering or HAM Radio sort of stuff. Groups which are not main stream. I find I am seriously lacking that here in Buffalo. These days I tend to enjoy Railfanning, and snapping photos of locomotives seems to interest me enough to warrant some hobby time dedicated to it weekly. That is all well and good, but I do wish I could find someone to enjoy the hobby with.


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