Ever wonder how 97% of 'scientists' agree that humans are causing global warming, when there have been petitions signed by 10,000's of scientists to dispute the idea that humans are changing the climate on a global level?

The 97% number comes from this white paper: Quantifying the consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the scientific literature

Lake Ontario Flooding

The Lake Ontario Flooding issue is one that seems to be cropping up a lot lately these past few years. It seems like the cause is often downplayed, and redirected towards 'climate change'. Weather.com is cited as reporting on the great lakes flooding, with a definite spin on climate change.

Salt Water Aquarium Update!

It has been a while since I updated the blog in regards to my salt water adventure. The aquarium is doing well right now, and I haven't lost any fish to date. Corals, is another story.

Back in December I had a phosphate and nitrate spike which ended up really causing havoc with my corals. My SPS, Brain Coral, and Titans Shield corals survived. But a few other frags I had recently purchased did not survive. I had to dose with vinegar, at about 10ml a day. And I did a few 20% water changes.


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